Van Deventer – Maas Stichting Scholarship 2012/2013

VDMS (Van Deventer – Maas Stichting) has revamped its scholarship policy into a new standardized and more transparent system, with basic grants depending on the profile and circumstances of the individual student: the level of the education, and extra costs during a semester of graduation.

Students and intermediary organizations have to meet certain criteria. The emphasis is on talent and motivation.

What is the criteria to apply for a scholarship?

  1. 3rd final year students of SMU;
  2. 2nd year of SMK, D3, S1 and S2;
  3. Age for S1 maximum 27 and for S2 maximum 34 (lecturer/teacher), maximum 30 for students;
  4. Financially deprived (stated in SKTM);
  5. IPK 7.5 for SMU/SMK, 3.00 for D3, S1 and IPK 3.25 for S2;
  6. Disciplines: Health, Agriculture, Science, and Technology, Financial, Management, Economics, Accountancy, Communication/ICT and English For Education;
  7. Proficiency in English will be an advantage.

How much the grants?

A proper sum of scholarship will be paid through the PCI (“Person In Charge”) every month, depending on the level of applicants.

How can you apply?

Contact the PIC in your university to apply. If there are new grants available and you are eligible, you will get a form. Fill in the form and submit it along with intake documents, such as:

SMU/SMK, D3, and S1

  1. VDMS application form
  2. Parent’s income statement and SKTM by Lurah
  3. Copy of ID card (KTM)
  4. Copy of Family member card (KK)
  5. Copy of Saving Accounts
  6. Copy of Report (SMU/SMK), latest Academy Transcript (D3 and S1), mentioned the IPK (GPA) of the average score, signed by the Head of Department or by the Principal
  7. Recommendation letter signed by Dean/Principal
  8. Motivation Letter
  9. Photograph


  1. VDMS application form
  2. Income statement (or parent’s income statement for students who are not working yet) and SKTM by Lurah
  3. Declaration of the Head of the Magister Program about her/his financial position as S2 student or a statement the he/she is a teacher/lecturer
  4. Copies of S1 certificate and transcript
  5. Copies of ID card (KTM), Family member card (KK), and Bank Account
  6. Latest Academic Transcript mentioned the IPK, signed by the Head of Department
  7. Motivation Letter
  8. Photograph

The University will send the documents to Van Deventer – Maas Representative Office in Jakarta to be selected comply with the above criteria. An agreement will be signed between you and the University on behalf of Van Deventer – Maas Stichting upon approval.

Representative Office in Indonesia
WISMA UGRAHA, 5th Floor, Suite 505,
Jl. Raden Saleh No.6 Jakarta Pusat, 10430
Telp. 021-31904335
Fax. 021-31904336
Email: deventer[at]

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