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Annual Meeting of Informatics Student Organization 2013

Plaza 1st Floor Informatics Department looks different than usual. Student with blue jacket looks assembled. They are Informatics Student Organization (HMTC) functionaries 2013-2014 who will follow Annual Meeting.

Starting New School Year, HMTC held Welcoming 2013

ITS new student activities in academic year 2013/2014 beginning with the OK2BK activities. OK2BK is orientation of professionalism and competency-based curriculum. This is an activity that started cadre of each department in ITS. With just a week, students are required to know ITS contemporaries without exception and get to know each department, including department head, secretary of department, head of student organization, laboratory administrator, and what functions of the laboratory. The background holding this activity is due to the emergence of the issue of regeneration of each student organization a prolonged negative effect with a form of intimidation and discrimination. With this OK2BK, student organization regeneration became an official event of Rector and is expected to provide benefits in the development of ITS Student cadre as the target of each department should be clear and measurable, so that the results can be reported back to the Rector.

Informatics Department Gave Appreciation for Student with Achievement

As a student, we don’t always think about study or lecture, but also about achievement in competitions. Many competitions for students were held by many insititutions. In order to win the competitions, student must find the competition admission and do their best. But, win or not, their effort must be appreciated. That’s why Informatics Department gave appreciation for several student in Friday, 5th January 2013.

The 5th Gemastik Finalists from ITS Informatics Department

ITS Informatics department (IF-ITS) students keep proving their capabilities. This time, several teams from IF-ITS will compete in The Fifth Gemastik that will be held in Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITS) at October 9-11, 2012.

Here is the list of the teams that name of ITS in national  ICT competition.

Informatics Department Undergraduate Students Win the 2nd e-ICON World Contest

Informatics department undergraduate students of ITS who participate in the 2nd e-ICON World Contest at Seoul, South Korea namely Aditya Brahmana and Maranu Toto Negoro successfully get the 2nd place in this event. This event includes training and contest in the field of e-learning and collaborative education. Congratulation and hopefully Informatics department is more successful!