Presentation from Square-Enix, The Biggest Game Company in Japan

Square-Enix is a company that has produced a number of games that are famous around the world, like the Final Fantasy series, Dragon Quest, and so on. Do not miss the visit of the largest game company in Japan, Square-Enix in the Department of Informatics, ITS, which will be held on:

Date: Thursday, May 22, 2012
Time: 09:30 – 12:00 AM
Place: Hall of Department of Informatics, ITS
Speaker: Developer Team of Dragon Quest Game (Square-Enix Representatives)
Topics: Presentation and Scholarship

Visits from Square-Enix team this time is also one step to determine the choice of opening a branch in the city of Surabaya or Bandung. In this event, teams from Square-Enix and representatives from the Department of Informatics, ITS will present their work and engage in a dialogue that would also expect the involvement of students. They want to know the technology and the game in the majors we expect at least 100 students in attendance.

Hopefully with the presentation of the work of Department of Informatics, ITS, they eventually decided to open a branch in Surabaya. So as to enhance the development of game technology in ITS in particular and Indonesia in general.

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