Visitation from Dili Institute of Technology (DIT), Timor Leste

On Tuesday, August 27, 2013 Department of Informatics received a visit from Dili Institute of Technology (DIT), Timor Leste. In this visit Rector of DIT and his staff was accompanied by International Office (IO) ITS representatives and greeted by Head of Informatics Department and Head of Postgraduate Program. The meeting started with a presentation by Head of Department which provided an introduction to Informatics majors, laboratory, study programs, double degree, and curriculum. DIT showed interest in the double degree program and asked more detail how this double degree process goes. Other related questions were about the double degree requirements, student recruitment, and financing mechanisms.

“Financing mechanism could be through scholarships, either full or partial, as well as its own costs. Students who followed double degree program is a final year student in Informatics Department,” Dr. Nanik Suciati explained.

In the second session, Waskitho Wibisono, Ph.D as Head of Postgraduate programs, informed about S2 and S3 in Informatics Department ITS. Topics covered include the entrance exam and opportunity to exchange students. Waskitho explained that the current program of S2 and S3 in Informatics Department has received several foreign students. So it could be possible students from Timor Leste to study here. In addition, it was also presented that Department of Informatics have established cooperation and students exchange program with university in Japan, the Netherlands, and Australia.

The event closed with exchange of a memento of the DIT and Informatics Department. Hopefully in the future, DIT and ITS can be forged closer cooperation between them.

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