Bachelor Degree

In the Bachelor Degree (S1), students must complete 144 SKS (Satuan Kredit Semester or Semester Credit Unit) which can be reached in 8 semesters (4 years). However, students can pass more quickly possible to follow the standard course load exceeds available capacity according to competence in every semester.

In the sixth semester, students can pursue elective course according to the desired areas of interest. Optional course may come from a cluster of more areas of interest only to deepen students’ excellence in specific areas, or may come from different areas of interest groups to broaden their horizons of knowledge.

Bachelor degree curriculum that are now used in the Department of Informatics is a new curriculum that has been imposed from academic year 2009/2010 until 2013/2014. In this curriculum, a total of Semester Credit Units (SKS) which should normally be taken by students is 144 credits. Course load of 144 credits can be completed over eight semesters. The curriculum is structured with reference to the Rector Rule Number 2692/12/PP/2008 on Guidelines for Curriculum Development of Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember in academic year 2009-2014.